Inspiration from friends, acquaintances and family trumped my reluctance to produce this site showcasing some of my works.  I refuse to indulge myself into social media, but if you see something you like feel free to share it.  If you have something you would like restored or repurposed drop me a line by e-mail or text.  Better yet the old fashioned way - give me a call!

I've always been described as a bit of an old soul.  Born with fuel in my veins and a fervor for automobiles.  At an early age, I was pointing out makes and models of vehicles from my car seat and I've never really have outgrown it.

Working on cars and turning wrenches started early.  At first watching my dad work on my grandfather's '53 Bel Air, to helping build a '67 Camaro, '36 Ford, then my first car, a '66 Chevy II Nova.  Using skills obtained from watching my dad, hands on involved self teaching, and master craftsman like Jim Rowe, coupled with my love for tools; I have managed build a pretty unique and broad skill set.  While confident in my abilities, I know what I don't know and won't take on a project beyond my realm of capability.  I've been on the other end when others over promise and under delivery and know how demoralizing that can be.  Another reason I chose to produce this site.  If I can't do it, it's likely I know someone who does and those to avoid who can't. Thanks for stopping by!